Sciatica Pain

Sciatica pain is a shooting, piercing pain from your lower back to your legs. Your sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, which runs from the lower back to the toes. When this nerve is pinched at any point throughout the body, you’ll experience sharp pains that impact your mobility and ability to carry out your normal tasks.

 In many cases, sciatica includes leg pain that gets worse when you sit, tingling or burning sensation running down your leg, numbness or weakness in your feet or legs, a consistent pain on one side of your lower back, or an intense pain that makes it difficult to stand. If you’re experiencing one or more of those symptoms chiropractic care may help you get back to normal life. 

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive and non-addictive alternative to traditional pain management. About 27 million Americans are treated by a doctor of chiropractic each year to treat a variety of issues — including people suffering from sciatica— as well as routine maintenance. Chiropractic care is a combination of spinal manipulation as well as a holistic, whole-body approach to wellness and nutrition. Spinal manipulation uses the doctor’s hands or a small device to increase joint mobility in a targeted area, which in turn reduces muscle tightness, relieves swelling, or decreases nerve irritation.

Soon after you come into Balance Family Chiropractic for sciatica treatment we work on determining what is causing your sciatica. The compression of your sciatic nerve causing this pain could be caused by misalignment in your lumbar, or lower, spine, slipped discs, pregnancy, or other lifestyle causes. Our doctors will then work to reduce inflammation in the area. Depending on your specific sciatica symptoms, the doctors may first stretch the area or recommend applying ice at home to reduce swelling. After we reduce inflammation and work to improve mobility, our doctors will then adjust the lumbar spine through gentle, non-invasive spinal manipulations to restore normal motion and alleviate pressure from spinal misalignment. 

Our doctors understand the pain and discomfort sciatica causes, that’s why we approach every case gently with the utmost care when using sciatica chiropractic treatment techniques. To see if sciatica treatment through chiropractic care is right for your condition, the doctors at Balance Family Chiropractic will perform a consultation and examination to fully evaluate your body’s needs and abilities. 

Sciatica pain can make every day a chore to get through, and while it is common in adults, there’s no reason you should have to live with this pain. Call Balance Family today to increase your overall wellness!

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